My artistic journey is a culmination of introspection, nature's influence, and the legacy of my upbringing. It is a process that encompasses meditation, solitary walks, keen observation, and the act of creation itself. My roots are firmly grounded in a quaint childhood spent in a serene mountain village, surrounded by rolling hills, lush fields, and meandering streams. This environment continues to be a wellspring of inspiration, nurturing my profound connection to trees, plants, and the ever-evolving narratives of mythology and ecological interdependence.

My formative years were steeped in the artistry of carpenters and woodcarving artisans. I hold cherished memories of my father, who was not only a skilled engineer and furniture designer but also a self-taught watercolourist and possessed many other creative talents. His life and legacy serve as an enduring source of motivation, fuelling my pursuit of artistic aspirations and the sheer joy of creation.

While my earlier artistic endeavours revolved around pastel wildlife paintings and sporadic participation in sculpting workshops, in year 2022 I rediscovered ceramics that unveiled the profound charm of one of the world’s oldest crafts.

Each of my handcrafted pieces is a unique labour of love, meticulously crafted with unwavering devotion. All my work is both sculptural and functional, brought to life through the techniques of wheel-throwing, pinching, and coiling. The surfaces of these pieces come alive with layers of underglaze, carved to reflect the beauty of the natural world. A final layer of glaze is applied to protect and enhance the surface, ensuring each piece's longevity.

As a member of a community united by our shared appreciation for our planet, I take pride in my commitment to quality and sustainability. I diligently employ eco-friendly, recyclable packing materials and constantly explore innovative materials and methods to reduce my environmental footprint.

Your support and appreciation fuel my passion and drive to continue this creative journey. Together, we celebrate the union of art, nature and love.

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